OldPain2Go® was developed by Steven Blake after he trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

This methodology of working with the unconscious aspects of the brain respects the clients thought processes and doesn’t need a trance to work effectively.

Pain has a purpose when it relates to a new injury or problem. It gives us the urgency to deal with an issue, relevant to how much of a problem it is. However, once we have had a proper medical diagnosis and the tissues are healed, or will never heal, and no more can be done except pain relief, that's when OldPain2Go® can help.

OldPain2Go® is about you getting your unconscious and conscious aspects to talk to each other. The practitioner acts as an intermediary in the process.

Your practitioner will help you discover the possible reasons the pain has continued long beyond it being helpful and then will ask your brain to safely eliminate the pain.

Certified OldPain2Go Practitioner

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