Hypnosis -- or hypnotherapy -- uses guided relaxation, to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance or an awakened sleep. Hypnotherapy is a complementary, world-recognised therapy in which the person's mind is used to help with a variety of problems, such as breaking bad habits or coping with stress. Successfully treating phobias, fears, and anxiety, Insomnia, depression, stress, post-trauma anxiety, grief and loss.

The person's attention or conscious mind is so focused while in this state of hypnosis that anything going on around the person is temporarily blocked out or ignored. In this very calm and relaxed state, the therapist works with the subconscious mind to bring the change the person's wishes.


Being in the hypnotic state allows people to explore painful thoughts, feelings, and memories they might have hidden from their conscious minds. In addition, psychotherapy can help a person change behaviour and overcome problems in desired ways. Psychotherapy aims to improve an individual’s well-being and mental health.


This approach uses the relaxed state to explore a possible psychological root cause of a disorder or symptom, such as a traumatic past event that a person has hidden in his or her unconscious memory. Once the trauma is revealed, it can then be addressed in Psychotherapy.

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