HypnoBirthing – the Mongan Method® is a well-established antenatal education programme with over 25 years of experience and success. Founded by Marie Mongan in 1989, HypnoBirthing® has become a well-established International programme in 45 countries worldwide.

The practice of using hypnosis to ease the pain of childbirth

  • Self-hypnosis – is to help you remain calm and focused
  • Visualisation – to help you work with your body and stay positive
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques - will help you stay comfortable and in control

This will educate you during your pregnancy and childbirth, so that you can make more informed decisions as to the way you would like your birthing experience.

HypnoBirthing® brings back the simplicity of birth itself and teaches you to trust your body and baby during this wonderful time.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, reportedly endured a five-hour labour, without pain relief using HypnoBirthing®.

Link to Practitioner listing: https://us.hypnobirthing.com/find-a-hypnobirthing-childbirth-educator-results

Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner

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